International Red Cross Committee with US Ambasador  Kubish  awarding  Ioannis Sotiropoulos for all of his humanitarian contributions
US Ambasador Kelly awarding  Ioannis Sotiropoulos  for his wonderful  contrubutions  to the American  Mission  Abroad
US Ambassador McClosky awarding Ioannis Sotiropoulos for his outstanding  PR work




This site was founded by Ioannis (John) Sotiropoulos.

John has been dealing with a multitude of PR facets for almost 30 consecutive years while working with the U.S. Government. First in The State Department, and then in the DIA, US Department of Defense, where he served in the latter as a Senior Advisor to the DATT, USDAO abroad.

This vast experience of his, guided him to think in creating a contemporary company that would interact with a new breed of functions in the field of show business, where his multi angular experience in the field of human relations molded by different peoples' cultures all these years around the world, could serve as an enormous asset to many promotional needs of up-coming artists. Without excluding the enormous benefits that even established artists could gain, by an original "marketing packaged presentation", that Next Step Global Productions could offer them, in order to get that brilliance that is always needed by all entertainers (new or old), in order to stand "up-tall", in today's highly competitive and above all, diverse global market.

His truly unprecedented P.R. experience, in conjunction with the fact that his fourty year in marriage wife, happened to be an operatic signer, and his son, an internationally acclaimed singer and musical composer, has enabled him, to have some of the top people in the business working for him in the areas of production, management, graphics, and promotion.

This company, has been conceived and is actually being handled by John, like a "cruise boat", that is sailing along a line of joy, adventure, creativity and above all, accomplishment.

Next Step Global Productions, LLC., is a company of wholesome functions........... in the world of sound and vision. It produces, distributes, manufactures, and also promotes artists globally.

Next Step Global Productions invites everyone to enter its site, explore its services, as well as its benefits, which are free gifts, that are frequently offered, when purchasing products.

Everyone is welcomed to visit this site, and above all has the right to feel free to ask, and/or express any opinion regarding matters or subjects relating to issues of entertainment, or even make comments regarding this site specifically.......... Your advice, comments or even criticisms, just as long as they derive from your heart, shall only contribute to the embellishment of our products, and enrichment of our services to you.


AND AFTER EARTH.................THE MOON"!



Ioannis Sotiropoulos




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